Warehouse Management System


  1. TMM is supported by advanced Warehouse management system (AWARE).
  2. AWARE solutions allows us to manage inventory levels accurately, efficiently and more dynamically based on actual need. This enables us to reduce overall inventory level.
  3. Warehouse Management solutions cater to the functionality needs. Catalyzing the flow of goods and information through our warehouse, it enables flawless execution of all warehouse operations
  4. AWARE solution enhances inventory management by increasing accuracy, improving order fulfillment and reducing order cycle time. It enhances warehouse management; enables streamlining of receiving and shipping.
  5. AWARE is a proven platform that helps you achieve optimum storage space utilization, accurate stock detail, efficient customer service, centralized control and systems ,warehouse management, system management, traceability of stock across multiple sites, and efficient utilization of resources
  6. WMS portal provides real time access to inventory data via internet.
  7. RF & Bar Code enabled stock management system providing higher efficiency in tracking stock on a real time basis.
  8. Online warehouse tracking web portal.